Lost Ark's Ark Pass: How To Pass, Premium Passes, and Rewards

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The Ark Pass, a version of the standard Lost Ark Battle Pass, rewards players by logging in daily and completing multiple scattered missions. These missions, when completed, add Ark XP to the player's pass, gradually leveling them up and granting rewards at each level reached, from 1 to 30.

There are two styles of missions - typical missions, which may be repeated daily for that duration of the pass, and seasonal missions, which can only be completed once each. The difficulty of these missions also varies greatly, from playing notes and using working energy in trade skills to clearing complex PvM content such as Guardian raids and Abyss dungeons.





Ideally, players looking to make the most of Ark Pass missions should equip a total item level of 460. This item level allows them to participate in Chaos Daily Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons, and Chaos Gates for a whole Ark experience. In addition, players who reach this level should be able to complete the Procyon wall on this item level, gaining access to many of the Arkesia adventure islands.



Rewards and Premium Passes

With each new level of the Ark, players receive Lost Ark currency (silver, gold, pirate coins) and materials for building ships (parts, wood, blueprints). ), rare trading tools, legendary card sets, and a host of sharpening materials. At Ark level 10, qualified players are rewarded with a new unique mount, the Vanguard of Souls.


Players wishing to spend some real currency on their Ark Pass can choose to upgrade to Premium or Super Premium. With each Ark level, Premium Pass owners will receive additional enchanting materials, culminating in a new Vertus pet at Ark level 30. However, Super Premium owners unlock unique cosmetic items at every fifth level of the Ark, including select character background themed "Noble". Banquet" and a suitable weapon for the player's class.

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