Lost Ark Guide: The wings to awaken the dragonstone Lair of the Hydra

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In lost ark, how to complete the wings mission to awaken the dragon stone? Many players will be confused by this, so here is a detailed guide to the Wings to awaken the Dragonstone: Lair of the Hydra.



First, you have to talk to Bisun (Location Map) and follow these steps:


Step 1: Complete The Garden Path Mission (Location Map).


Step 2: Complete the Shangra Energy Quest (Location Map), which will reward you with the Song of Spring.


Step 3: Prepare the Peach Wine (Location Map)

Materials: Peach Wine + Shangra Flower Spray X 20



Step 4: Drink the Peach Wine and go to Hydra Guard (Location Map)


Step 5:

  • Interact with the Dragon Skeleton.
  • Interact with the Dragon Head. 
  • Play the Song of Spring.



Step 6: Talk to Bisun to complete the Quest.



Relationship between Skywind Island and Shangra Island

Shangra (Location Map) is a lonely, beautiful, but very mysterious island in Lost Ark. It appears with a timer in three different places in the open sea, and it is one of the most mysterious islands apart from the Sky Wind Island (Location Map)

There is a connection between these 2 Islands. One of the hidden quests in Shangra is The Wings to Awaken the Dragon Stone: Hydra Guard. The mission asks you to find a secret entrance.



The Wings to Awaken the Dragonstone: Lair of the Hydra

Relationship with the Skywind Island (Location Map) One of the hidden quests on the Skywind Island is related to Shangra, and requires the Song of Spring (Guide how to get the Song) to complete the final Quest.

After completing that Lost Ark Quest, you will be taken back to Shangra and have a chance to get additional T2 upgrade resources.



Shangra Spawn Locations

First of all, make sure you don't miss Shangra, which appears at a specific time during the day (check the in-game schedule). It can occur in three places, and each time it is different. We have highlighted the three points in the image below.


Ten minutes before the event, you can ask in Area Chat about the spawn location, or if you're playing early in the morning, you'll need to visit them and find the one with a whirlpool, an indicator that Shangra will spawn there.


You can consult the Interactive Map of Lost Ark


Shangra Island: The Wings Mission to Awaken the Dragon Stone: Hydra's Lair Location


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